New arrivals

This morning we had our second birth for 2012.  I had a feeling about this one.

Last night while putting the sheep away for the night, “Wild One” came from behind a tree in the forrest area.  She was way behind everyone else and came from a completely different area of the field. Quickly I walked over to where she came from thinking she could have given birth and left her baby.  Thankfully that was not the case, but better off safe than feed the coyotes.  I decided to sit and observed the pregnant ewes for a while.  They were just in from the field circled around the hay feeder in one of the stalls.  All of a sudden Kiva walks over to Wild One and head butts her.  Then another ewe walks over gives her a big sniff and decides to butt her too.  All of a sudden Wild One is in a full on challenge to stay in the stall and eat with the others.  It appears to me that she must be putting off some scent that the other ewes don’t like and they are therefor trying to get her leave.  Hence the reason she was in a complete different area of the field.  Now I have heard that pregnant ewes will separate themselves from the others right before they give birth.  But never have I heard that the other ewes will forcible make the ewe leave to give birth in another area.  This is exactly what I was witnessing.  Could it be that Wild One was going to have her baby tonight?  At that point I almost separated Wild One and put her in another stall but decided not to intervene.  I turned of the lights and headed back to the house.  I told Wyatt and Hannah that I thought Wild One was going to have her lambs tonight.

The first thing I did this morning was head out to the barn.  As I walked up I could see Wild One in the field with a tiny black head next to her.  I was spot on with my observation and there she was all by herself with her new baby lamb.

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