Barn drama….

Holy haleakala!  Early this morning both Star and Sprite gave birth to twins.  Normally that would be 4 lambs bouncing in the field but as I approached the barn the scene was very different.

Ellen and Star were in full head butting battle and there in the corner of the small pasture was Sprite with 3 lambs tucked in behind her up against the fence.  As I walked into the pasture there was another lamb laying next to a tree.  I quickly ran to the lamb and realized it was dead.  I headed towards Sprite to check out her babies, all of which I thought were hers.  Wow this is my first time with triplets.  This could be an issue, maybe I could graft the triplet on to another ewe….or I could bottle feed it.    As I was assessing the situation the ram came over to the dead lamb sniffed it and walked over to Sprite.  One of the three lambs behind her came forward and just as it did the ram butted and tackled the poor lamb.  Eeaks, I ran over grabbed the lamb and ran into the stall.  Came back to the scene, this time armed with a big stick and persuaded the ram to move away from the babies.  I grabbed the 2 others from behind Sprite and ran with them back into the stall.  So at this time I closed the stall with the three babies and Sprite.  I then opened up the small pasture so the ram and the other ewes could leave.  All did except Star, who at this time was running back and forth between the pastures.  At first glance it looked like she was running away from Ellen who was fighting with her earlier.  But then it struck me.  Over next to the dead baby land was another placenta.  Which meant two ewes gave birth and more than likely one of the three in the stall with Sprite belonged to Star.  I opened the door and in she went to find here missing baby.   All was quiet in the barn.

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