Play by the rules kid!

I had to share this because it made me laugh.

I was cleaning out my nine year olds back pack and came across some hand written notes.

So the background here is my son has been hanging out with friends that live in the neighborhood closer to town.  It’s an area where you can go out the front door and instantly find a friend to play with.  My kids both want to live in a neighborhood at this stage in their life.  So with that said, he was given a note from one of his neighborhood buddies prior to going over to his house that read:


1.  Stay away from Preston (the mean 5th grader)

2.  Don’t go inside when muddy

3.  Be safe

4.  Tell someone when you are hungry

5.  Be respectful

6.  No bad words

7.  Be nice

8.  5 otter pops max

Have Fun!

I pulled out the second note which clearly was in my sons handwriting which read:


1.  No killing

2.  No pointing a gun at friends

3.  Be safe

4.  Tell ME when hungry

5.  Skin every squirrel

6.  Have fun

7.  Be nice

Ok, my first reaction was to laugh.  But as I write this I’m connecting the dots here and realizing that there is a good possibility that Wyatt has been learning too much about living off the land from Dual Survival.  Coupled with the fact that his packed lunch has been coming home uneaten and two of his friends went home from school with stomach aches yesterday, I may need to have a talk with him.





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