Just Picked!

Here in Pacific North West we have the most amazing tart pie cherries.  I am lucky to know someone who has a beautiful tree loaded with cherries ready for the picking.  So I loaded up my scissors and giant wooden bowl and headed over to pick.IMG_1661

I spent the afternoon pitting and preparing my bounty for the freezer.  It is such a treat to bake a tart cherry pie in mid January.  However before freezing everything I saved some to make those yummy tart cherry hamburgers.  Yea, I know it sounds funny but they sure are delicious!

Here is the recipe for those with a curious palate.

Tart Cherry Hamburgers



Play by the rules kid!

I had to share this because it made me laugh.

I was cleaning out my nine year olds back pack and came across some hand written notes.

So the background here is my son has been hanging out with friends that live in the neighborhood closer to town.  It’s an area where you can go out the front door and instantly find a friend to play with.  My kids both want to live in a neighborhood at this stage in their life.  So with that said, he was given a note from one of his neighborhood buddies prior to going over to his house that read:


1.  Stay away from Preston (the mean 5th grader)

2.  Don’t go inside when muddy

3.  Be safe

4.  Tell someone when you are hungry

5.  Be respectful

6.  No bad words

7.  Be nice

8.  5 otter pops max

Have Fun!

I pulled out the second note which clearly was in my sons handwriting which read:


1.  No killing

2.  No pointing a gun at friends

3.  Be safe

4.  Tell ME when hungry

5.  Skin every squirrel

6.  Have fun

7.  Be nice

Ok, my first reaction was to laugh.  But as I write this I’m connecting the dots here and realizing that there is a good possibility that Wyatt has been learning too much about living off the land from Dual Survival.  Coupled with the fact that his packed lunch has been coming home uneaten and two of his friends went home from school with stomach aches yesterday, I may need to have a talk with him.





Peanuts n Pepsi

An old friend from North Carolina reminded me recently about an ol’southern tradition.   First – get an ice cold Pepsi in a glass bottle—- put in a handful of regular salted peanuts –after they settle on the bottom and a few swallows later a couple will come out while you are drinking— the taste is an original southern desert!   One that even Barbara Mandrell sang about.  Bottoms up y’all!  Enjoy!


Spring in Oregon can be anything.

We have had the most amazing spring here in Oregon this year.  However yesterday the weather seemed to turn to the more typical rain.  I welcomed the rain, even welcomed the chilly weather and threw the winter blankets back on all the beds…. and for dinner, I created the perfect soup to complement the weather.   Here is a favorite of mine.

Creamy Potato & Bacon Soup


P.S. – the sun is back today and I’m re-packing those winter blankets…again.

Suffolk Sheep and Lambs for Sale

Suffolk Lambs – born in Feb 2013 – Great pasture ornaments so you won’t need to mow.
I have 1 ewe lamb and 3 ram lambs left. I am also selling my breeding ewes. They range in ages so please contact me if you are interested. First come first choice.
Delivery available ($) email me with any questions or if you need photos.
or call (503) 638-4610- Thanks – IMG_0945 IMG_0948

Cooking Club


 Here is the menu from our cooking club last night.

This is what happens when a group of neighbors get together once a month and cook.  Except it’s not quite that easy.  (Especially if it happens to be your month).  You see each member gets a month in the year and they create a dinner for the other eleven members.  It is such a treat for us and we all love the idea because once a year you work your butt off to plan a meal, prepare all the fixin’s, clean your house and entertain the other eleven members, who arrive relax, socialize and eat.  Then the other eleven months of the year you get to ride the wave and eat amazing home cooked meals.  It’s an “invitation only” kind of club with a maximum of 12 members.  (No one wants to cook for more than 12).  We all love food, like to cook and enjoy entertaining.  So it seems to work as we move into our second year.  Thank you Stafford Cooking Club and thank you Heidi for a wonderful dinner last night.April Cooking Club